The Challenge

Bangert Computer Systems’ (BCS) focus is on helping construction firms become more efficient and profitable through the use of robust software solutions from Sage.

BCS wanted to explore alternative engagement platforms with their customer base, specifically they had 3 questions:

  1. Could they provide better customer service by allowing clients access to historical cases and solutions?
  2. Could they reduce email traffic by providing clients with controlled online access to resources?
  3. Could the process of booking classes be managed online? (The current process involved using a custom entity in Sage CRM and 2 other online solutions)
  4. Could customers have the ability to view and manage their membership without assistance from BCS staff?

The Solution

Using the Customer365 self-service product we could address each item

  1. Standard Customer365 allows Case management for customers. There is the ability to log new issues, review current cases and reference previous issues.
  2. A number of sections were created within Customer 365 to allow customers to download recorded training videos and reference supporting literature.
  3. With some custom work, the booking classes custom entity in Sage CRM was exposed to allow clients (self-service users) to register and book training for themselves and their staff. If payment was required this was also taken via the portal with integration to the payment processor (Basys-
  4. The Customer365 structure allowed BCS to add buttons to the portal which link to custom EasyPay forms for membership renewal, generated through Basys.


  • Reduced emails and phone calls from customers
  • Improved customer relationship as they have information to hand 24x7
  • Payments are processed immediately via Basys
  • Customers can search though the upcoming training schedule and book staff into classes in advance
  • Customers can review a library of videos from past training classes
  • Customers can review and manage their own membership level and renew without requiring a call in to BCS for inquiry