Kevin Wesley Lehman & Wesley

The Challenge

Allowing resellers access to Business data (Invoices and Dashboards) in a controlled fashion

  • Managing resellers was a challenge with communication channels in multiple locations, with neither calls nor emails being recorded
  • Online ordering was critical to streamlining processes, however, orders could only be handled during business hours and relied completely on the availability of staff to take calls and process emailed orders.
  • Resellers needed Access to historical invoices, but again requests for historical invoices could only be handled during office hours, staff need to spend time verifying who was requesting the information and then having to respond over email which opened up security concerns.
  • Sales analysis for resellers - there was no simple way to see performance to date, resellers had to wait for quarterly reports which were out of date as soon as they were compiled.
  • No one means of updating resellers on business news

The Solution

Using the CRM Together Customer365 self-service portal access to Business data is centralised and secure.

The initial landing page shows the news page for the resellers so they can see the latest news and information from the customer.

A resellers dashboard created in power BI providing insights based on the Sage 100 data giving real-time analysis and insights.

Resellers can create new orders online easily using the rapid item picker. These orders are submitted and then processed into Sage 100.

The Sage 100 invoices were also exposed via a search/list screen in the portal.


  • Reduces the requirement that orders must be processed within business hours.
  • Frees up staff from processing orders and data requests.
  • Customers have access to build their own orders.
  • Resellers can work as and when they want without having to worry about order time restrictions.
  • Resellers can see dashboards showing how they are doing over the last years and have a better handle on how they are preforming.
  • Improves time to order speed.
  • The team has more time to manage resellers and work with them.
  • Better informed resellers work smarter and this has increased sales.