Arline Welty DataQuest

The Challenge

Fraudulent warranties give all customers a bad name or at least they could do...

JAB wanted to ensure their customers valid warranties were honored with generosity where the case was deserving, however it was equally as important to identify those customers taking advantage of the warranty system.

Challenge 1 Data sources relating to historical warranty information were stored in 3 distinct data sources. This data had be combined, cleansed and mapped to match Sage CRM pertinent fields

Challenge 2 JAB’s customer needed to be facilitated to quickly and easily register a warranty, process a claim and understand where their claim was in the process at any given stage without having to pick up the phone

Challenge 3 The JAB warranty team of six staff whose workload could include in excess of 1,000 calls every month, needed to be able to speed up data entry and handle customer service effectively over the phone true to the JAB brand commitment

The Solution

This was a complex workflow integral to JAB not losing money but also allowing delivery of superb customer service.

Sage CRM provided the perfect engine as the workflow within is designed to prompt users through the necessary stages to the ideal outcome. Each step is mapped out according to whatever action is taken.

From a JAB warranty staff members point of view, if there were in excess of 170 calls to handle in a month they needed to see at a glance what stage a warranty process was at and at the touch of a button to update.

There were however some bells & whistles required to satisfy all the challenges outlined above and beyond what Sage CRM could offer and so enter CRM Together with a mix of solutions and services.

Solution 1 Historical data was stored within cases and leads in CRM, there was quite an amount of detailed SQL work done to map fields but the outcome was being able to take web product registrations into Sage CRM under the entity of a person whilst associating it with a specific product.

Solution 2 Two simple icons were embedded within the website of JAB leading the customer to either register a warranty or to make a claim.  Both places led to a customised self service portal (Customer 365) which handled the management of either process.

Once registered, a customer would be remembered, status of claims could be checked, updates added or customer details amended.

JAB’s customers could also upload photographs of damaged goods or a copy of receipt.

Solution 3 Super Screens were implemented for the JAB Warranty team to quickly and easily process calls by allowing the agent to create, edit and update multiple entities at one time.

For a quick demo of how that worked, visit the Dataquest blog and you can watch the video there...

This simple one view of data meant the operator could handle a customer and simultaneously if necessary, create a new person, check if they had registered before, issued a claim, registered a product or create a case all from one view.

All documents, email templates, letters to customers and even mattress replacement vouchers are kept in Sage CRM standardizing communications and with the use of templates generated via the Accelerator Toolbar all docs sent to a customer are automatically saved to CRM giving that true 360 degree view of all engagement.

With Customer 365 an automatic Round Robin process chooses the logged in warranty staff member able to process a call and a notification was generated in Sage CRM.

Another add on included via Professional Services in Sage CRM was introduced for the warranty team to create an order in ERP to send to the shipping dept with one click of a button.


  • JAB staff have a trustworthy database showing them the transparent history of a person with their company and they can service requests more efficiently over the phone and via the portal
  • JAB Staff can automatically generate orders for ERP with one click From Sage CRM, reducing data entry
  • JAB customers can quickly and easily register directly from the JAB website, follow the flow of their claim, add notes and take control of their own warranty without every having to pick up the phone and enter into a queue of callers.
  • JAB have reduced fraudulent since this system went live saving them money