Despite the rise of apps, web browsers are still the key to the Internet these days. There are many browsers for every platform and operating system, so the choice can be tough. In fact you may use more than one.

The 3 top desktop browsers right now are:

Agnostic Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE

This is based upon interesting stats regarding their usage found at with monthly breakdowns for those interested.

On mobile however Safari seems to dominate

(Please bear in mind that 68% of statistics are made up…including perhaps this reference to 68% (smile)  )

For CRM Together, we have begun a new roll-out of our product called ‘KonneX’

KonneX (Capital K and X) is ‘browser agnostic’ or in English “cross browser”.

The beauty of the framework is the ability to extend and customize the products.

In developing KonneX to date we have integrated with mobile interfaces, Firefox plugin and email integration with Gmail and

If you are interested in joining us for an introductory demo of the software and how it works for the most important person the customer and their very own private user experience of CRM, click here…


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