TITAN for Sage CRM

After careful consideration we have decided to open source the Titan ASP.Net development tool.

Titan was originally designed in 2007 as a means to provide a visual way (WYSIWYG) of building Sage CRM screens. We did this by building Visual studio components that hooked into Sage CRM via an API bridge.  This allowed the system to live on top of the business rules that the ASP API enforced.

Even though it was the visual design part that prompted its development the Data source control in fact is the most powerful control in the tool kit.

cool pic resizedOpen source does not in any way mean retired from use in our development work.  We continue to invest in the software and maintain it as the Sage CRM system evolves. It is the foundation of our product suite and an integral part of our business.

Our decision to take away the price barrier and allow others to take the code is one based upon confidence in the partner channel that they have everything that they might need to maintain TITAN projects on a client site.

The Titan software is complex, so it’s not for amateur engineers. You do need to know C# as well as CRM’s ASP COM model.

Io for Sage CRM

We have also moved ‘Io for Sage CRM’ (our first open source project to customise Sage CRM system screens) to github.

Io has been useful in embedding Sage ERP data into the Sage CRM Company screen. This gives a true company summary with data from across the enterprise in one single view instead of having to view separate tabs (the traditional method used).

Our repository for this on github is at address https://github.com/crmtogether

The license’s for these projects is the Apache 2.0 license http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html

The official release is March 17th 2014.

We would be delighted to chat to anyone interested in building a community around these development tools. Contact us at sagecrm@crmtogether.com

Marc Reidy


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