As you are probably aware one of our primary products Accelerator for Sage CRM, offers client side outlook integration, the solution has proved very popular but we had many requests to provide something similar for the email client Gmail.

We began to do some research and discovered that mid 2012 Gmail overtook Hotmail to become the largest email service in the world!  However, web analytics company comScore begged to differ, claiming that Google had way less unique visitors and still gave the edge to Hotmail and Yahoo.  Their argument was that crucial data such as smartphone and Internet cafe access was not taken into account giving skewed stats, you can read more on the debate here, if you so desire

In late 2013, Microsoft launched a staunch campaign relating to the security of Gmail

Whichever way the coin falls, Gmail is increasingly popular for its many features, flexibility, portability and security. Google recognised a strong business need and created a system to allow business owners switch to using Google’s email servers, but retaining the business domain name in place of ‘’ thus not diluting a company brand.

We are now fast approaching mid 2014 and we decided it was definitely time to confront the challenge of Gmail integration with CRM whilst of course never disrespecting Microsoft Outlook and our superb product Accelerator for Sage CRM.

Enter KonneX stage left, we don’t like to go into sales mode on our blog, but suffice it to say we can now offer application integration into Gmail. Every email user can harness the power and relevance of CRM on the go with our solution for a monthly SaaS fee.

To register for a demo of this new solution KonneX that includes modules for mobile interface to Sage CRM, gmail/ integration and Firefox prospecting tool click here…

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