The end of a year and the beginning of a new one can be a funny old time.  We wonder what lies ahead and of course we have lots of New Year resolutions.

May we take this time to wish you all the very best of luck with resolutions in 2014, in my humble opinion they’re doomed for failure, so maybe start in February! 🙂

But back to 2013, a couple of highlights we would like to share

New look and feel brand

Of course there was the launch of our new look and feel website and logo, a reminder of what used to be on the right.

We had many versions of our logo and were anxious to establish our brand as a representation of who we are as a company.   We wanted something bright and vibrant and so voila! You are visiting our website and seeing how we now represent ourselves to the world.

You can read a past blog on this here


Summit 2013

In July we had our trip to Washington DC for Summit, it was a great trip to meet with colleagues and learn more about the planned road map for Sage CRM.

If I’m honest we were disappointed with footfall on the exhibition floor but Sage are planning some changes around that so at least our feedback has been heard.


Laura Kasman came to town

In August Laura of Kastech Consulting, a favourite client of ours made a flying visit to Dublin, I was thrilled to show her around town, you can read more about the trip here…


Working with Irish Sage CRM Business Partners & Customers

2013 overall has been the year we started working with partners and customers on our own island of Ireland.

Pre 2013 the bulk of our customers were in North America, it’s actually really nice to have connected with Sage CRM patrons in Ireland, we now work with Brook Business Solutions, DB Computer Solutions & MCS Computer Systems.


New Offices

We are finalizing a move to new offices, our new trading address will remain at City West but we will release the full details in January.

A company called Hidden Depth who designed our logo and website are taking up residence with us.  We’re looking forward to the camaraderie that will entail with so many bright minds in one space!


What’s coming in 2014

We will of course be releasing Accelerator 4.0 in the first quarter of 2014, very much looking forward to that, you can register your interest in a demo of the software here…


In summation, 2013 has been a good year but we are looking forward to new and exciting projects for 2014 too…

Speak to you then and have a very happy new year!

Written by : Majella O’Connor

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