A very short blog on our new working home!

We have moved offices, just a kilometre down the road, to take up residence in Citywest Business Campus.

Our new offices are about a 3 minute stroll from Sage, so if you happen to be visiting the big guys, pop down our way too, for a catch up.


If you should need to write to us, here’s our new address

CRM Together
3015 Lake Drive
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24

The office telephone numbers and emails will remain the same, take a look at our Contact Us page if you need more information.

Needless to say our offices are comfortable, we have our own café in the building and the commute is just a short one for most of us. We actually live 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday just behind these beauties pictured on the right!

We look forward to settling up our new CRM Together HQ over the coming year.  We’re currently immersed in Accelerator leap release deadlines,   (if you want to see a demo, signup here!).

Here’s hoping we might have an opportunity to show you around if you hit Dublin one of these days!


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