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Some of the tricks of our trade!

Managing projects, ensuring that we are on the same page as our clients at all times can be a challenging task.  Let things slide then there is the danger of things getting missed leading to confusion and frustration.  Even a little break in communication will hurt your relationship with everyone involved in a project (Clients/Partners/Staff/Suppliers etc).notorious-graffiti

To ensure that our projects work smoothly and that targets are met we employ a number of methods and software to assist us.  Some of these items may or may not work for your business but its a sneak preview of how we work.

Some of the software we employ includes

  1. Confluence
  2. Gliffy
  3. Moqups
  4. JIRA

Confluence is our online documentation system – We use this to keep meeting notes, garther requirements, document processes, document db designs and all other aspects of a project. We can even create tasks (in JIRA) from the documentation and assign this to different people involved in the project. Its great for collaboration on projects.

Gliffy is a tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts and is very slick. We use this to design workflows and document processes.

Moqups is the tool we use for prototyping solutions. It allows us to build an interactive system that shows a visual of how the solution would work so the customer knows what they are getting at the end and there is no ambiguity about how a system will function.

JIRA we use to manage projects and tasks. Its great for scheduling work and resources and allows you to apply structure to your projects and track details of each task.

All of the above items remove the need for emails flying back and forwards and so reduce the admin and stress of working on projects. Some companies use a project management add-on for Sage CRM and thats great but in our case we silo our customer management from our technical people so this is why we don’t employ an internal CRM project solution.

If I could only pick one of the above I’d go for confluence as documentation is always key for me. Staff come and go and take knowledge with them but if you have them record details of projects neither you nor your clients will be left relying on individuals.

Hope this blog is of interest for you

Marc Reidy


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