We had a challenging project to integrate Sage CRM with Sage 50 and of course the first part of the project was to figure out how could we do this.  We knew that Sage 50 has a flat file system and that the ODBC connection is read-only. Thanks to some advice, we were pointed in the direction of Eureka Software’s Data Exchange for Sage 50.

Eureka’s Data Exchange was simple to use and the support we had was excellent so a big thumbs up to the Eureka team over the Scotland for that.

Here is the details of the implementation….

The client has engineers on the road and they take payments from customers. All these payments where tracked using Excel, then the excel sheet sent to the Accountant who then entered the data into sage 50. Quite laborious you will agree.

The requirement was to process payments when received from Sage CRM (removing Excel from the equation) into Sage 50. With the integration we create transactions and invoices within Sage 50 removing the need for Excel and removing data entry duplication.

The payment recording process in Sage CRM allows payments to be processed from Pending to Received to Lodged so we can see exactly what the status is of the payment and to also reconcile the values.

We also had to link the Sage 50 Account number to Sage CRM and match up the existing data so we wrote a nice utility to import information from sage 50 and also try match companies that exist in both systems already.

Integration is what we do and we use the best fit tools to achieve our goals. Why not contact us and let us know your requirements?

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