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Sage CRM Integrations

Provide a better work environment with our email, reporting and mobile integrations

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Microsoft Outlook

Our Outlook integration allows you to build future value into your business and record and share customer correspondence. Improving sales and customer service there is no better experience to get you started with Sage CRM.

Crystal Reports

Beautiful Reporting made accessible via Sage CRM. Reports at a single click. Access control via our security feature. Enterprise data accessible to your staff to they can make the best informed decisions. Exporting of data to allow manipulation.


Real time access from a smart device to your data ensures that service and sales personnel have access to all the customer data that they need to ensure they are able to deliver.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Customer access to their CRM information, document downloads and links, Case management and more. Access is logged in CRM and Customer change requests can be sent from the portal. ERP data can also be made accessible and Crystal Reports can also be made available.

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The Business Predictability Blueprint

The Business Predictability Blueprint

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