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Convert emails to sales opportunities

Build your sales pipeline easily and ensure that you follow the process for following up all queries.
With Outlook integration you can create Companies, People and Opportunities in CRM right from the email client. This avoids having users make a judgement on whether to put the data into CRM and instead builds a large pipeline that when followed up will ensure more conversions.

File and Track

Store all communications with your prospects and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This is vital to ensuring that the customer or prospect feels cared for and that they have your attention. By getting the data into CRM this allows any staff member to take up the sale and know exactly where things are at. The more data in CRM the better the chance of closing.

Visualise sales activity

Dive into your data to view past sales and forecasts to help your improve the accuracy of your sales projections. Mine data in CRM and any other data source with crystal reports to produce beautiful reports that users will love and utilize to go after the right deals.

We can show you how to build that pipeline

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