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Help customers faster

Convert emails to CRM cases, file and tag them to make logging issues a breeze. Record and document all customer cases in CRM allowing you to deliver a better customer experience and having nothing fall though the cracks.

Field Service Management

Give your staff the ability to create Companies, Contacts and cases on their mobile and upload and view photographs from their device into CRM. They can also log phone call information and emails while on the go. Custom fields can also be added to this and the functionality even extended using our plugin framework.

Give customers access to historical issues

Customers can help themselves to log issues and record and read updates. Documents and customer data is available anytime reducing the need for manpower. Control access to resources and log customer activity in you system.

Standardize support responses

Using CRM Email Templates and the Accelerators Outlook integration you can ensure that your business has a consistent voice and method for dealing with cases and how you respond to them.

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The Business Predictability Blueprint

The Business Predictability Blueprint

Our free e-book will help you learn gain more structure within your business, better predict your pipeline, achieve consistency and start feeling more in control.

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