Let me tell you a little story to illustrate how the term ‘super screens’ was coined and why!

Back in a previous life I (Marc) worked in a hospital where they ran an old 70’s mainframe based hospital solution.

Users had monitors, effectively dumb terminals (no mouse).  Back then we were coding in Delphi pascal (the original language of CRM) and bringing in PC computers to the users.  We were writing client-server applications (the web was in its infancy still) and we launched an application to users.

These users were used to the mainframe system and had never seen a mouse. So training was a struggle and data entry in this new system was slower than the old one…. surely thats not the point of new systems, new frameworks….this is all supposed to speed things up right?

But it didn’t. We had to train them to use TAB and not RETURN to move to fields (they hated this). Even when the web came along that’s how it behaved/behaves.

So the problem we had, (the requirement), was to create a way for users of CRM (sales and service people) to enter data quickly once a call came in.  To do this we looked back at how mainframe data entry worked and thought…we can do that now!  What we need is a single page that does it all…a great screen…no…a SUPER screen.

The super screens allow users enter a persons name (check if they already exist in the system), take address, phone, email information, take an order and maybe schedule a booking.  It also can have a script to help direct the users in how to handle all calls (ensuring consistency across the business).

All in all the idea is to improve usability of CRM to capture data and process it as quickly as possible leading to efficiencies and building real value into your CRM investment.

We have a video of the concept we used to pitch and implement the super screen concept with customers at the link below

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