Accelerator Plus for Sage CRM

Extend your teams use of Sage CRM without purchase of additional Sage CRM licenses

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Outlook Integration for Sage CRM (Accelerator Plus)

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CRM Power without CRM licenses

With AC Plus, it is possible to * View CRM context of emails * File Emails * Search CRM Data * Create new entities * Utilise Accelerator Bookmarks * and more...
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Limitations vs Accelerator Pro

* No external links to Sage CRM * No data territory security * No User Logon for Sage CRM
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* Does not require a Sage CRM license * Allows multiple staff access to CRM Data without a CRM License * Addresses concurrent licensing scenarios

Concurrent Sage CRM Users

Accelerator licenses are named which is a challenge where there is Sage CRM concurrent licensing. AC Plus allows users to be mirrored creating an opportunity for multiple agents to populate CRM without the cost of a Sage CRM license
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How to get started

Place your order with us, the process is the same as with Accelerator Pro An invoice is issued, once payment is received, a license is issued and the install and training can be scheduled.

Comparison sheet

Comparison Sheet Want to see the feature difference between Accelerator Pro and Accelerator Plus Read the full details here...

Accelerator Plus for Sage CRM Outlook Integration