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Sage CRM is thriving!

Majella O'Connor 05/07/2021 2 mins read

Sage CRM is ‘Alive & Kicking’! The Sage CRM product is in “rude health” globally, and will continue to be developed, sold & maintained to…

Dictate to Sage CRM

Majella O'Connor 25/06/2021 1 min read

Everyone wants to be mobile, the pandemic might have a lot of us working from home, but normality will resume, soon we hope This is…

Securing your Sage CRM instance

Marc Reidy 17/06/2021 5 mins read

A topic that has become even more relevant and very real of late is that of security. From our perspective, as we transition to Accelerator5.0…

The CRM Connect Magazine

Majella O'Connor 10/03/2021 5 mins read

brought to you by CRM Together We were delighted to collate this publication with the Sage CRM Community, hope you enjoy the read. Download the…

TPAC Virtual Webinar

Majella O'Connor 21/12/2020 1 min read

We attended the TPAC conference back in February/March 2020.  At the time we didn’t realise that would be the end of International travel for the…

MobileX – Native App Launching Spring 2021

Majella O'Connor 14/12/2020 2 mins read

PWA (Progressive Web App) v’s Native Apps Initially, we worked with the PWA because it allowed us to provide a platform for development and customisation…

MobileX – How to add in Sage 300 screens

Majella O'Connor 16/11/2020 4 mins read

MobileX can be extended or customised, get in touch to find out more 1. In the   custompages/sagecrmws/web.configwe add in the plugin       <add name=”Sage300″/>…

3rd Party Add On’s for Sage CRM Showcase

Majella O'Connor 21/10/2020 5 mins read

The complete video replay of this presentation is below. At the start of each section is highlighted the time it is covered in the video…

Accelerator/MobileX Release Version (28th Sept 2020)

Marc Reidy 28/09/2020 3 mins read

The latest version of Accelerator has been released Full details in the online help are available here Some extra details on the release notes…

Online Sage CRM Summit July 2020

Majella O'Connor 26/08/2020 1 min read

We were to take part in the North America Virtual Summit last month. The event was put together by a selection of business partners to…

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