Secure B2B Data Sharing with Data Islands

Data Islands is an App and Platform for Data Sharing & Delivery

Query, Publish and Share data via API's and Apps.

Using the App
- Build Micro Data Warehouses to reconcile different datasets from disparate datasources.
- Share Datasets with your distributors, manufacturers and Partners
- Secure sharing without exposing your ERP/eCommerce database directly

Using the API
- Integrate any data with your CRM or Custom Apps
- With only one API set show any dataset in your app

What is Data Islands?

Data Islands is a Data Sharing platform system that allows businesses to share data sets and files in a secure manner without having to open access to your local network. A business will usually have multiple data silos (e-commerce, ERP, Accounts, CRM, CSV and more) and with Data Islands they can pull the data together from all these seperate systems into one microdata warehouse. From there you can reconcile the data from these different databases and highlight issues and spot opportunities in your business. Businesses can share datasets like SKU's, invoicing and more with other businesses in a secure way ensuring that no other data on their network can be compromised. CRM Integration of ERP, e-commerce, invoicing and more is easy using the web application or the REST API. All your Data Islands have the same secure REST API access and definition so its simple to learn and set up for developers.

Why would you share data?

For greater visibility and understanding of disparate data silos company wide. Data Sharing and automation will improve how you work with your customers, partners and providers. Some Examples
  • Stock levels shared with suppliers allows forward planning for restocking
  • Automated customer statement data removes the need for customers to request updates
  • Reconciliation of data across different business divisions can help create awareness contributing to better work practices
  • Roll your own integration in your CRM/ERP
  • Migrate data to a new system (EG Sage 50 to 300)

How sharing works

- Data Islands allows you to create a snapshot of some dataset (query) and share only that data.
  1. The Dataset moves from your environment to the cloud
  2. Consumers can work with the data in place (using our web app or our REST API) or take the data down into their own environment
  3. Scheduled updates of the snapshots can be automated so data is kept up to date for the consumer of the data

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