Secure B2B Data Sharing with Data Islands

Data Islands is an App and Platform for Data Sharing & Delivery

Query, Publish and Share data via API's and Apps.

Using the App
- Build Micro Datawarehouses to reconcile different datasets from disparate datasources.
- Share Datasets with your distributors, manufacturers and Partners
- Secure sharing without exposing your ERP/eCommerce database directly

Using the API
- Integrate any data with your CRM or Custom Apps
- With only one API set show any dataset in your app

What is Data Islands?

Data Islands is a Data Sharing platform system that allows businesses to share data sets and files in a secure manner without having to open access to your local network.

A business will usually have multiple data points (e-commerce, ERP, Accounts, CRM, CSV and more) and with Data Islands they can pull the data together from all these silo'd systems into one microdata warehouse. From there you can reconcile the data from these different databases and highlight issues and spot opportunities in your business.

Businesses can share datasets like SKU's, invoicing and more with other businesses in a secure way ensuring that no other data on their network can be compromised.

CRM Integration of ERP, e-commerce, invoicing and more is easy using the web application or the REST API. All your Data Islands have the same secure REST API access and definition so its simple to learn and set up for developers.

The Console Application

This is the producer and reader engine of Data Islands in that you connect to a local db server (or CSV or FILES or XERO account) and then "push" the data you query to create a data Island in the Cloud. Its kind of like how GIT works and GIT was part of the inspiration.

If you share a data island region or want to get the data from an Island to another server you run the console app from that server, connect to the db (or file system) and PULL the data down into that server.

You can also schedule jobs to run periodically automating this process.

This is an alternative option to opening access to an internal database and building security around what data can be seen and also an alternative to emailing CSV files or uploading files to sftp servers. Businesses need to share data and right now using FTP and ETL's this is just too kard. Data islands makes it easy and safe.

The Web Application

Using the web app you can review visually your data islands account and data. This is an easy way to read shared data with non-technical users. So if you don't need a full portal but want to share some licenses/invoices/SKU's or just data someone might want to look up you can do this from here.

REST API Solution

One REST API to rule them all.....

Developers can use the web app ( to create integrations into other systems (EG CRM) or use the REST API to build in custom displays of the data from the data islands. Check out our POSTMAN file in our portal to help you get started.

Apply for the Beta

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