About Us

CRM Together was formed in 2010 by Marc Reidy and has been a Sage CRM Development partner since then. Its main focus is on building software products that help people in their day to day business.

CRM Together has partners (resellers) and customers in over 10 countries. We develop software with a focus on UX (User experience) with the aim to make it easy to use and intuitive. Since 2010 we have been heavily involved in the Sage CRM community exhibiting at trade shows in Canada, USA, Germany and the UK. We sell in Germany via a distributor and our products work in English and German. Our approach to projects is to explore different ways of solving problems and figure out the method that will work best for the BP and the customer.

The Business Predictability Blueprint

The Business Predictability Blueprint

Our free e-book will help you learn gain more structure within your business, better predict your pipeline, achieve consistency and start feeling more in control.

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