What do our clients think?

Effective Solutions (Wisconsin)

“Accelerator has been an indispensable tool for our Sage CRM clients that need to attach their email communications to records in CRM. Especially for clients that use the Opportunities or Cases module in CRM, the tagging feature is heavily utilized so that email threads are automatically associated with the appropriate Opportunity or Case for proper tracking. Our clients also love how Accelerator essentially opens a window to Sage CRM right from within the Outlook interface. We have been selling the Accelerator product with every new Sage CRM project we implement. It is a core part of our delivered Sage CRM solution.”

Don Grubor - Effective Solutions (Wisconsin)

My CRM Manager (Toronto)

A turning point for My CRM Manager (5-years ago) was embracing CRM Together's line-up of Sage CRM Add on products. Accelerator’s industry leading integration to Outlook makes it easier for prospects to see the power of Sage CRM. This makes it easier to acquire new Sage CRM projects – and ensures clients get the most out of their investment in Sage.

Dan Cousins - My CRM Manager (Toronto)

Timespare it-solutions GmbH & Co. KG

“For more than 10 years, the cooperation with CRM Together has been an integral and important part of our solution offering.
With the smart and innovative solutions from CRM Together, we create added value for our customers that has an immediate effect and ensures top customer satisfaction.
We are proud to be part of this success story.”

Ralph Garthe - Timespare it-solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Effective Solutions

"We have several customers that are on Terminal Services, and they couldn’t get the SageCRM Outlook Plugin to install and work properly. We were able to install Accelerator and give them a reliable solution with more functionality than they had before. We could well have lost those customers because of that issue."

Don Grubor - Effective Solutions

Genatec (Quebec)

Very much enjoying the Accelerator licenses. A terrific product that makes life much easier

Rainer Zimmerman - Genatec (Quebec)

Ethos Systems (Chicago)

We deeply value our partnership with CRM Together. They’ve remained a trusted advisor with an incomparable knowledge of Sage CRM that allows us to consistently complete projects both on time and on budget. CRM Together always focuses in on our clients’ needs as the center of any project, and will work tirelessly with us until we settle on the solution that’s best suited to not only meet, but exceed their expectations. They’ve been an incredible resource and collaborator since day one.

Amanda Markham - Ethos Systems (Chicago)

Ethos Systems (Chicago)

We view CRM Together’s Outlook Accelerator as an altogether necessary extension of Sage CRM, and integral in encouraging organization-wide adoption of the solution. Able to track communications and prospects with just the click of a mouse, Outlook Accelerator lends that additional, crucial functionality needed to ensure new CRM users embrace it. Our customers agree that Outlook Accelerator has been an invaluable tool for their businesses and the clients they serve. The sales process is streamlined, customers feel engaged and employees are held to a level of accountability critical to success. With Outlook Accelerator, nothing can slip through the cracks.

Dom Pernai - Ethos Systems (Chicago)

Lehman & Wesley (Michigan)

"CRM Together’s software has provided us with an ideal opportunity to upsell to our existing customer base. "

Kevin Wesley - Lehman & Wesley (Michigan)


Accelerator is the solution that hooked me on CRM Together. Its ability to increase CRM use by bringing CRM 'to' the user instead of the other way around is emblematic of the CRM Together alchemy. CRM Together approach projects with creativity and transparency, documenting designs in clear and understandable language. Clients feel empowered because CRM Together breaks down and demystifies the complex language of code. Finally, though the business is growing and busy, the team at CRM Together make themselves accessible and are always quick to respond. CRM Together is an extremely valuable partner to us.

Arline Welty - LassoLLC/DataQuest

Edge Information Management Solutions (Ontario)

"Accelerator for Sage CRM has revolutionized how we use Sage CRM! Our usage of Sage CRM has at least tripled because the tools we need are now tied right into Outlook, which is where we spend a large part of our day. Now, I can’t imagine working without Accelerator. Thank you CRM Together team! "

Shelley Sanderson - Edge Information Management Solutions (Ontario)

KasTech Consulting Inc (Philadelphia)

"It has been great working with Marc. He is professional and knowledgeable. We have used his products at a few clients and now recommend Crystal Manager on every Sage CRM proposal that we present. It gives us a great way to pull data from all data sources into a CRM Crystal report and provide security by user or team. "

Laura Kasman - KasTech Consulting Inc (Philadelphia)

Matoma Internet Consulting (Germany)

Discovering CRM Together has been of huge benefit to my company. It is wonderful to meet a likeminded organisation, with a true understanding of business partnership. The team have helped us extend the boundaries of development demonstrating a keen vision of what can be achieved in business intelligence with dialogue and workshops.

Marco Gola - Matoma Internet Consulting (Germany)

Vision 33 (St John's Canada)

Our clients harness the extraordinary power of Crystal Manager for Sage CRM by developing complex custom reports. CRM Together are constantly enhancing their product suite and their response time for support is excellent.

Calvin O’Driscoll - Vision 33 (St John's Canada)

Mindover Software (Dallas)

"How much easier Outlook and CRM is to work with when you have Accelerator installed. With recent updates we had to live without the software for a week or two, we are back online now with Accelerator, the efficiencies you get with it are fantastic!"

Lloyd Smith - Mindover Software (Dallas)