Accelerator for Sage CRM

Are you tired of the cumbersome task of manually copying and pasting emails into your CRM system?
Does your sales team often neglect updating CRM with crucial contact details?
Are you struggling with low overall CRM user adoption?

Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you – the top-notch Outlook Integration for Sage CRM, known as "Accelerator."

Also available for Sage 300

MobileX for Sage CRM

Are your remote sales teams struggling without access to crucial customer data?

Do delays in updating information until the return to the office impact your sales processes?

Are you yearning for a customizable CRM system tailored to your preferences?

Introducing MobileX, the Ultimate Mobile Web App for Sage CRM, designed to address your mobile CRM needs today!

Data Islands

Data Islands is an App and Platform for Data Sharing & Delivery

Query, Publish and Share data via API's and Apps.

Using the App
- Build Micro Data Warehouses to reconcile different datasets from disparate datasources.
- Share Datasets with your distributors, manufacturers and Partners
- Secure sharing without exposing your ERP/eCommerce database directly

Using the API
- Integrate any data with your CRM or Custom Apps
- With only one API set show any dataset in your app

Outlook Integration for Sage 300

Revolutionise your workflow by surfacing Sage 300 data while viewing emails…

Elevate your productivity with our Accelerator for Sage 300, offering seamless Outlook integration.

Powered by our data handling tool Data Islands

Customer 365

Are customer concerns causing visibility challenges for your support team?

Is your support team drowning in overwhelming email communications?

Imagine streamlining customer actions online effortlessly.
With our tailored Sage CRM self-service portal, Customer 365, you can transform your customer service experience and boost satisfaction

Crystal Manager

Sage CRM reports don't look professional enough?
No visibility on what reports were run?
You have a bunch of Crystal Reports created and just
want your team to access them via Sage CRM?

Now you can access Crystal Reports online with
Crystal Manager for Sage CRM

Sage CRM Open-Source Tools

CRM Together is dedicated to facilitating successful Sage CRM implementations by offering FREE components, complete with open-source code covered by the MIT License.

These tools are designed to enhance the capabilities of Sage CRM, allowing partners and customers to create tailored solutions for their unique requirements.

Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM

Back to Basics!

With Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM, it is possible to:

* Establish CRM Context for Emails
* File Emails
* Search CRM Data

Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM Outlook Integration