Empowering Sage CRM Partners and Customers with Open-Source Tools

CRM Together is dedicated to facilitating successful Sage CRM implementations by offering FREE components, complete with open-source code covered by the MIT License.

These tools are designed to enhance the capabilities of Sage CRM, allowing partners and customers to create tailored solutions for their unique requirements.

Sage CRM Open-Source Tools

Our Open Source Initiative

Having worked on numerous Sage CRM projects, we realized the potential for sharing custom developments that might benefit the broader community.

Our Open-Source Initiative aims to provide Sage CRM partners with valuable components, and full access to the relevant source code.

Partners can confidently customize these tools as needed.

Visit our GitHub repository at github.com/crmtogether to explore a variety of open-source tools for Sage CRM. All components are covered by the MIT License, providing flexibility for adaptation and integration into your Sage CRM environment. We welcome contributions to this initiative
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Inline Editing in Sage CRM

Elevate the user experience and demo capabilities within Sage CRM by enabling inline editing of entities.

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Get source code at github
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Sage CRM Signature fields

Add Signature Capture fields to Sage CRM screens for project and contract sign-offs Read more at crmtogether.com/sage-crm-signature-capture.
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WYSIWYG Editors in Sage CRM

Overcome limitations in Sage CRM by integrating WYSIWYG editors, allowing the pasting of images into case notes.

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Rapid Item Picker for Sage CRM Quotes

Enhance the user experience of creating quotes in Sage CRM with CRM Together's Rapid Item Picker.

Ideal for native Sage CRM quotes, this tool improves the management of quote items.

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Access non CRM Data in table form within Sage CRM

Utilize a Basic Entity Wizard style Component to create a new tab in My CRM, importing external table data into metadata.

This open-source resource, compatible with Data Islands allows the integration of raw data into Sage CRM.

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