Enhance Customer Engagement with Sage CRM Self-Service: Introducing Customer 365

Are customer concerns causing visibility challenges for your support team?

Is your support team drowning in overwhelming email communications?

Imagine streamlining customer actions online effortlessly.
With our tailored Sage CRM self-service portal, Customer 365, you can transform your customer service experience and boost satisfaction

Customer 365 - Sage CRM Self-Service Portal

Screen Recording for Support

Empower your customers with the ability to record their screens, or add screen shots to the WYSIWYG notes area, highlighting issues visually and eliminating the need for scheduled support technician calls.
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Central Document Repository

Establish a centralized documents area within Customer 365, minimizing the need for constant document emails.
Ideal for sharing terms and conditions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
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Efficient Case Management

Manage support through the portal, allowing customers to log and review cases in the CRM system. Reduce reliance on support team emails and calls, improving customer satisfaction and retention.
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Knowledge Base Access

Empower customers to help themselves by accessing the Sage CRM solutions entity, reducing support requests and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
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Comprehensive Issue Logging

Enable customers to log in, create new issues, and provide detailed information, including notes, files, and screenshots in a single area. Facilitate quick issue resolution with comprehensive customer input.
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Review Old Cases

Customers can log in and review past cases and solutions, reducing redundant emails and freeing up resources for your team.
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Customer Information Management

Allow customers to view and request changes to their information in the Sage CRM system. Customize field exposure for a personalized self-service experience.
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Track Downloads

Monitor software and document downloads from the Customer 365 portal. Receive email alerts, track leads, and stay informed about customer and partner activity.
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Access Control and Password Recovery

Administer access control through Sage CRM's self-service admin. Users can conveniently recover their passwords from the system.
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Responsive UI

Enjoy a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones with a responsive user interface.
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Branding and Extension

Customize the system with your brand colours and logo. Customer 365 can be extended to meet your unique business needs, aligning with your vision.
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Elevate your customer service with Customer 365 – Your Business, Your Way!

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor this solution to meet your specific needs. Experience the transformation in customer interaction today!
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Invoice and Balance Accessibility

Access Customer Invoices and balances (from Sage 100 and 300) conveniently, reducing staff workload and enhancing customer self-service.

Compare Customer365

Take a look at our Comparison sheet to see how Customer365 compares to the Sage CRM Self-Service solution as provided out of the box.

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