Outlook Integration for Sage CRM

Are you tired of the cumbersome task of manually copying and pasting emails into your CRM system?
Does your sales team often neglect updating CRM with crucial contact details?
Are you struggling with low overall CRM user adoption?

Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you – the top-notch Outlook Integration for Sage CRM, known as "Accelerator."

Also available for Sage 100 & 300

Outlook Integration for Sage CRM

Accelerator 5.0 from CRM Together on Vimeo.
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Accelerator seamlessly integrates with Office Outlook 2016 and newer versions in both 32 and 64-bit configurations, as well as the Microsoft Office 365 API.

It is also compatible with Sage CRM 2019 and all later versions, ensuring you're always up to date.
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Effortless Data Updates

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Accelerator allows you to convert emails into Companies, Contacts, Sales, and Cases. You can file emails, attachments, and log call information directly from Outlook, enhancing efficiency.
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Access CRM Documents

Access Company documents and templates from within Outlook, once an item such as a contract is saved to CRM, it can be accessed. Future-proof your Sage CRM with built-in value.
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Create New Entities

Accelerator empowers you to create new entities in CRM. Whether it's a new company, person, opportunity, or case, you have the flexibility to customize primary entities to your specific needs.
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Pipelines and Customer History

View your case or opportunity pipeline directly in Microsoft Outlook or access a summary through the Accelerator Task Pane.

Dive deep into customer data, explore cases, opportunities, locations, or any custom entities in context.

Your CRM is just a click away for workflow access.
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Consistent Customer Experience

Ensure your staff has access to up-to-date Company Marketing Collateral with shared documents in CRM. Attach files directly from Microsoft Outlook, creating a central filing space.
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Email templates

Standardize your business voice with Sage CRM Email Templates. Implement processes easily and enhance customer experience.
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CRM Context for Emails

Apply CRM context to emails using Accelerator's tagging feature. This makes email filing a breeze, ensuring that all relevant communications are properly organized.
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Log Phone Call Information

Keep track of phone call details effortlessly within Microsoft Outlook, preventing gaps in customer engagement data.
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Access CRM Email Addresses

Access all your CRM email contacts with a lookup screen in Microsoft Outlook, ensuring your CRM data is always within reach.
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File Emails and Documents

File complete emails with context, even with custom fields, such as specifying the document's nature.
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Tailor Accelerator to your specific needs by customizing screens and accessed data.

The flexibility of including ERP data is an example of a customization.
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Choose Your Theme

Customize your Accelerator experience with various colour palette options for the task pane.
Accelerator Office 365 Install Guide from CRM Together on Vimeo.

Microsoft 365 API Support

Utilizing the Microsoft Office 365 API? Accelerator supports it seamlessly. Check out the installation steps for a hassle-free setup in the video above.
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Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM

Basic email filing with ability to search and view CRM data. For those whose primary focus is filing emails to CRM. or advanced CRM access for multiple users, Accelerator offers Lite and Plus versions tailored to your requirements, even if you don't have a Sage CRM License. Read the full details of Accelerator Lite here...

Accelerator Plus for Sage CRM

For those sites who wish to have multiple users access CRM, to surface data, review and update, there is a Plus version of this product available. A viable Microsoft Outlook integration solution for Sage CRM sites with a concurrent licensing model. Read the full details of Accelerator Plus here...

Still not convinced?

Don't waste any more time on manual CRM updates. Experience the power of Sage CRM Outlook Integration with Accelerator and streamline your workflow for enhanced productivity.
"Accelerator for Sage CRM has revolutionized how we use Sage CRM! Our usage of Sage CRM has at least tripled because the tools we need are now tied right into Outlook, which is where we spend a large part of our day. Now, I can’t imagine working without Accelerator. Thank you CRM Together team! "

Shelley Sanderson
Edge Information Management Solutions

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