Outlook Integration for Sage 100

Visibility of Sage 100 data in Microsoft 365 Outlook without a user logon

Bridges the gap between the Sales Team and Accounts

Custom CRM layer incorporated to enable users to file emails and calls against customer records

Powered by our data handling tool Data Islands

Also available for Sage CRM & Sage 300

Outlook Integration for Sage 100

Video Demo

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View Sage 100 data as an extension of your email

Effortlessly navigate Sage 100 data within outlook, with a look up for:

• AR Customers • AR Customer Contacts • AR Customer Orders • AP Vendors • Invoices • Prospects • Email/Phone • Items

Access Comprehensive Customer Details

Gain valuable insights into customer details, such as:

• Contact details
• Balance Due
• Credit Limit
• Date of last invoice
• List of orders
• Memos
• Invoices
• Payments
• Touch Points (CRM Layer)
• Contacts
• Items Purchased Report

Efficiently Search Sage 100 Records

Locate crucial Sage 100 records with ease, including:

• AR Customers
• AR Customer Contacts
• AR Customer Orders
• AP Vendors
• Invoices
• Prospects (Leads) - Non-Sage 100 Records
• Email Addresses
• Phone Numbers
• Items

Stock Look Up

Streamline the task of locating items in Sage 100 to ascertain present :
* Stock levels
* Prices
* Suppliers

Enjoy the freedom to conduct searches with precision or flexibility using free-text input.
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Record Customer Interactions

Comprehensive information on customers and contacts with the ability to file :
• Emails • Call Notes
Sage 100 does not currently allow a record to be kept of customer engagements. With Accelerator for Sage 100 a custom CRM layer is included to address this.
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Create Prospects

Need to record a prospect, not yet deemed a customer?

Data is not uploaded to Sage 100 but stored in the cloud. Other colleagues using MobileX or Accelerator for Sage 100 will have access to prospects created and can search on them

It is also possible record email or call notes against a prospect.

Personalize Your Experience

Choose your preferred colour palette for the task pane, personalizing your MobileX for Sage 100 experience.

Themes available include :
CRM Together Colours (purple)
Outlook Colours (blue)
Sage Colours (green)

Accelerator for Sage 100 giving information power to your team to better perform

A Productivity Essential!
Enhance your efficiency and workflow with our Outlook integration - Accelerator for Sage 100

Streamline business processes, stay seamlessly connected, and accelerate your success.

MobileX for Sage 100 also available

Your Sage 100 data anywhere, anytime!

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