Sage 300 Outlook Integration Accelerator: Streamlining Your Workflow

Revolutionise your workflow by surfacing Sage 300 data while viewing emails…

Elevate your productivity with our Accelerator for Sage 300, offering seamless Outlook integration.

Powered by our data handling tool Data Islands

Also available for Sage CRM & Sage 100

Outlook Integration for Sage 300

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View Sage 300 data in Outlook 365

Effortlessly navigate Sage 300 data within Outlook 365, gaining quick access to vital information, including: • Customers • Vendors • Orders • Invoices
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Record Customer Interactions

Stay organized with the Accelerator for Sage 300, recording key touch points: • Emails • Call Notes
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Access Comprehensive Customer Details

Gain valuable insights into customer details, such as: • Balance Due • Date of Last Invoice • List of Orders • Invoices
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Efficiently Search Sage 300 Records

Locate crucial Sage 300 records with ease, including: • AP Vendors • AR Customer Orders • AR Customers • Invoices • Prospects (Leads) - Non-Sage 300 Records • Email Addresses • Phone Numbers
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Create Prospects on the Fly

Accelerate your workflow by creating prospects directly from emails, with the ability to record email or call notes against the prospect.
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Take Control of Your Data

Powered by Data Islands, Accelerator for Sage 300 provides a dynamic snapshot of ERP data, customizable to your preferences. Update information as needed and tailor displayed data to suit your requirements.
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Effortlessly File Emails and Email Attachments

Keep everyone in the loop by seamlessly filing entire emails. Set custom fields, specifying document nature, for a comprehensive context, including legal documents .
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Personalize Your Experience

Choose your preferred colour palette for the task pane, personalizing your Accelerator for Sage 300 experience.

Accelerator for Sage 300 is a must!

A Productivity Essential! Enhance your efficiency and workflow with our Sage 300 Outlook Integration Accelerator.

Streamline business processes, stay seamlessly connected, and accelerate your success.

Experience the power of Sage 300 integration with Outlook like never before!

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