MobileX forĀ SageĀ 300

Accounting staff need access to Sage 300 customer data?
The best Mobile App for Sage 300 - MobileX is the solution you need today!

MobileX for Sage 300

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Curious about why you need this product?

Here are just a few reasons. Watch the video for a complete review:

* Check stock levels without calling the office.
* Record critical communications to understand decision-making processes.
* View customer payment statuses and credit levels.
* Adding contextual information to an invoice.
* Logging important emails to a customer record, making them visible to other users.
* Eliminating the need for context switching.

Sage 300 data on the go

Get the most powerful Mobile Client for Sage 300 from any modern mobile smartphone device (Android/iPhone).
Also available as a progressive Web App

* Navigate Sage 300 data
* Search Sage 300 data
* CRM Layer available to :
- Log phone call notes and emails
- Record text messages (includes What's App)
- Create Prospects visible to other MobileX and Accelerator Users

With MobileX your Sage 300 system becomes more accessible to everyone in your Company.
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Explore your data

In this example, we are viewing overdue accounts
Each record has

* An orange icon to drill into the full account details
* Customer Name & ID
* A drop down arrow for summary information
Clicking on the orange icon next to the company name navigates to the complete company record.

Result lists can be customised.
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Search Sage 300 data

Search 300 data, the more precise the search the more precise the results.
The search capability includes :

* AR Customers
* AR Customer Contacts
* AR Customer Orders
* AP Vendors
* Invoices
* Prospects
* Email/Phone
* Items (stock)

In the image, a search has been run on items without specifying a search term, essentially returning every item in the Sage 300 database.
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CRM Layer

MobileX for Sage 300 enhances customer engagement by capturing additional information, including:

* Recording Touch Points
   - Filing Emails
   - Recording Text messages sent (What's App/SMS)
* Creating Prospects

This information is stored in the cloud but accessible within the app for both Accelerator and MobileX for Sage 300 Users to review.

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