Discover Seamless Mobility with MobileX for Sage CRM

Are your remote sales teams struggling without access to crucial customer data?

Do delays in updating information until the return to the office impact your sales processes?

Are you yearning for a customizable CRM system tailored to your preferences?

Introducing MobileX, the Ultimate Mobile Web App for Sage CRM, designed to address your mobile CRM needs today!

Sage CRM Mobile Solution

MobileX 2022 Release from CRM Together on Vimeo.

CRM Data On-the-Go

Unlock the full potential of Sage CRM on any modern mobile device (Android/iPhone).

Log phone call notes, emails, and effortlessly navigate your data, transforming your Sage CRM into a dynamic collaboration tool for your business
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View and update CRM data

Access summary data, cases, opportunities, and communications on MobileX.

Edit data, log calls, and even add files/photos directly from your mobile device.

Customize result lists to suit your needs .
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Real-Time Information Logging

Make calls on the go and ensure timely notes are added to CRM in real-time.

Utilize your phone's technology by dictating notes into the designated fields, streamlining mobile data entry.
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Visualize Your Pipelines

Manage your Sales or Cases pipeline seamlessly from the home menu.

A visual pipeline highlights Opportunity or Cases stages, providing an itemized list for detailed insights.

Filter the pipeline by stage and customize result lists to enhance visibility.
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Bookmark Data for Quick Access

Easily bookmark records with a tap for quick access on the move.

This feature works for all entity types, creating a convenient favourites list.
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Upload Files and Photos

MobileX allows you to upload files and photos directly from your mobile device to CRM.

Ideal for field service engineers capturing site information efficiently.

Extended Functionality

MobileX stands out as the only mobile app for Sage CRM that can be extended to include custom entities and screens.

Define how MobileX can best work for your business needs.
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Extensibility and Customization Options

Experience the power of MobileX with integrated software plugins like the Contact Scanner and codeless customization options for a tailored CRM experience.

Elevate your Sage CRM experience with MobileX

The leading solution for seamless Sage CRM Mobile integration. Explore our plug-ins and customization options.

Transform Mobile CRM data into a dynamic, on-the-go collaboration tool.

Upgrade your mobility today with MobileX for Sage CRM - the agile solution for modern businesses.

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