MobileX forĀ SageĀ 100

Accessibility is Key

* Compel your team to collaborate better by empowering them with customer information
* Promote greater efficiency with access to data from any handheld device
* Elevate customer service to new standards of excellence

The only Mobile App for Sage 100 - MobileX is the solution you need today!


MobileX for Sage 100

MobileX for Sage 100 Demo

Sage 100 data anytime, anywhere!

Get the most powerful Mobile Client for Sage 100 on any modern mobile smartphone device (Android/iPhone). Also available as a progressive Web App

* Navigate Sage 100 data
* Search Sage 100 data
* CRM Layer available to :
- Log phone call notes and emails
- Record text messages (includes What's App)
- Create Prospects visible to other MobileX and Accelerator Users

With MobileX your Sage 100 system becomes more accessible to everyone in your Company.

Search Sage 100 data

Search 100 data, the more precise the search the more precise the results. The search capability is on :
* AR Customers
* AR Customer Contacts
* AR Customer Orders
* AP Vendors
* Invoices
* Prospects
* Email/Phone
* Items (stock)

CRM Layer

MobileX for Sage 100 facilitates the capture of additional information around customer engagement

* Recording Touch Points
- Filing Emails
- Recording Text messages sent (includes What's App)
* Creating Prospects
This information is stored in the cloud but available within the app for both Accelerator and MobileX for Sage 100 Users to review.

File Emails (CRM Layer)

Within MobileX for Sage 100, it is possible to link a Microsoft Email account facilitating the users to :
1. View an email
2. Select the context of a an email to file
3. Search Sage 100 data based upon an email highlighted
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Record Messages (CRM Layer)

MobileX for Sage 100 encourages a record to be stored of engagements with a customer by offering the faculty to log communications (1) from the primary screen.

If a team member is viewing customer data and it results in a Call (2) :
* Phone in
* Phone out
it can be recorded. The standard record voice function of the phone can be used at this juncture.

If the medium of engagement is a message (3) it is possible to record in MobileX
* Message In (can be copied and pasted)
* Message Out (can be dictated or typed, message out will then trigger the choice of What's App or SMS to send.
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Create Prospects (CRM Layer)

From time to time there may be communication with a prospective customer. It is a facility of MobileX for Sage 100 that a record can be created of such interactions to be viewed and searched upon within the app.

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