MobileX forĀ SageĀ 100

Accounting staff need access to customer data?
The Ultimate Mobile App for Sage 100 - MobileX is the solution you need today!

MobileX for Sage 100

MobileX for Sage 100 Demo

Includes software plugs ins such as the Business Card Scanner and codeless customisation options facilitated

Sage 100 data on the go

Get the most powerful Mobile Client for Sage 100 from any modern mobile smartphone device (Android/iPhone).
Log phone call notes and emails. Navigate your data and view your sales pipeline. With MobileX your Sage 100 system becomes more accessible.

Log Information on the go

Make a call, make sure the relevant notes are added to Sage 100 for reporting or analysis.

Phone in/out is logged as a communication against the respective entity, be that a person/case/opportunity.

Utilise the technology of your phone, by dictating notes into the field highlighted that is Subject/Details. Makes mobile data entry efficient and effective.

Bookmark Data

For quick and easy access, records can be bookmarked at the tap of a finger. In this example Simoco Norwest is bookmarked, tapping on the icon will remove the bookmark.

Bookmarks are essentially a favourites list or key records you need to access quickly on the move.

Works for all entity types


MobileX is the only mobile app for Sage 100 that can be extended to include custom entities and screens. Record customer visits, take notes on training and more. With MobileX you define how it works for your business.

Alternative to Sage 100 Mobile options

there is none!
MobileX is a Mobile solution for Sage 100 that can be rolled out to any device with a simple URL. Our plug-in framework allows the system to be extended to provide real world solutions to your business needs.

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