Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM

Back to Basics!

With Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM, it is possible to:

* Establish CRM Context for Emails
* File Emails
* Search CRM Data

Outlook Integration for Sage CRM (Accelerator Lite)

For those CRM users whose focus is solely on filing emails

Accelerator Pro offers the complete package

The full Accelerator Professional version is required to create new entities e.g. Company, Person, Lead, Opportunity, Cases or custom entities from within Outlook. Equire with us for a demo or more information.
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System Requirements for Accelerator Lite

Please note, there are no customisation capabilities with AC Lite * Microsoft Outlook Client on Windows Version 2016 or later * Sage CRM 2021 R1 or later * Admin User Logon for Sage CRM * Web services enabled generally and at user level * Quick Search functioning within Sage CRM (Controls search results in Accelerator Lite) * CRM Dashboard functioning (The Sage CRM REST API is critical to AC Lite) * CRM users have their email address against their CRM user record (required for licensing)
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Get Started!

* Open a browser and log into our Self Service Portal * If it is the first time to access the portal, you will have to register first. * Navigate to "Downloads" in the Menu and run the installer as a normal user (do not elevate to administrator) * Upon opening Outlook, AC Lite will be available in the Outlook Home Ribbon
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Free Admin Access Forever

It is possible to test Accelerator Lite using an Admin logon, this sanity check can be completed before rolling out further. * Fill in the CRM URL in the format suggested * Click "Free Admin Logon" * Type the appropriate password and click "Connect" If your logon credentials are accepted, an "Open Application" button will appear to commence using Accelerator Lite.
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Sanity check

Click "Open Application" and the app loads. Navigate around some emails in Outlook. Accelerator Lite will search and display results or if no match a prompt will indicate so. If there is no match, it is possible to search for another record and file there. It is important to use the Free Admin logon to sanity check the connection to the Sage CRM Rest API

Attachment Uploads and Licensing beyond the admin user

There is a Sage CRM component that we ship for free. This is a server side component install to allow the CRM users table to be exposed to the CRM REST API (required for licensing beyond the free admin user) and email attachments to be uploaded. This is available in the portal also beside the Accelerator Lite Outlook Client download. ** You must restart the Tomcat service after uploading and installing the component

Get Your Licenses

The Admin User is free forever with Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM. To order your licenses click the purple button at the bottom of this page

Comparison Sheet

Want to see the feature difference between Accelerator Pro and Accelerator Lite, Read the full details here...

Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM Outlook Integration