MobileX Lite for Sage CRM

Sticking to the basics!

With MobileX Lite for Sage CRM, it is possible to search CRM Data quckily an easily from your iphone

MobileX Lite for Sage CRM (Mobile App)

For those CRM users whose focus is solely searching and consuming Sage CRM data on the move

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System Requirements for MobileX Lite

Please note, there are no customisation capabilities with MX Lite

* Sage CRM 2021 R1 or later
* Sage CRM on https and accessible from an external url (VPN access is not supported)
* Webservice access set to True
* Dashboards and the Sage CRM REST API must be running and working
* CRM Dashboard functioning (The Sage CRM REST API is critical to MX Lite)
* Users Passwords must not contain characters like & # + " (and other special characters) as Sage CRM webservices do not support those. -
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Get Started!

Available now from the IOS app store
Available as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) WORLDWIDE
Google Play Store coming soon. Until then Android users can use the PWA version from
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Simple to setup

* Fill in the CRM URL in the format suggested
* Optionally register your email address
* Type the appropriate UN & password and click "Connect" If your logon credentials are accepted, an "Open Application" button will appear to commence using MobileX Lite.

Comparison Sheet

Want to see the feature difference between MobileX Pro and MobileX Lite, Read the full details here...
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MobileX Pro offers the complete package

The full MobileX Professional version is required to create new entities:
* Company
* Person
* Lead
* Opportunity
* Case
The product can be extended and customised
Enquire with us for a demo or more information.

Talk to us to find out more about MobileX Pro