Customer 365 - Sage CRM self service portal

Customers complaining about visibility on issues?
The support team is overwhelmed by emails?
Wish you could move a customer action online?

Provide excellent customer service with your own company branded
Sage CRM self-service portal

With Customer 365 your customers can record their screen showing you how to reproduce issues and removing the time needed to schedule support technician calls

Customer Invoices and balances (from Sage 100 and 300) can also be made available reducing the burden on staff

Central Document Repository

Always sending out the same documents? With Customer365 you can provide a central documents area that ensures that you're not constantly sending these documents via emails and also that you have only one area that you have to update when documents are changed. Ideal for terms and conditions.

Customer 365 case management Sage CRM

Case Management

Manage support through your portal and reduce the workload on your support team. Customers can log and review existing cases in the CRM system reducing the need for them to email and call your support team. This improves customer satisfaction and therefore retention.

Customer 365 knowledge base Sage CRM solutions

Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves by exposing the Sage CRM solutions entity. Make the most of your CRM solutions data by allowing customers to access this information to reduce support requests and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer 365 case notes Sage CRM

Case notes, files and screenshots.

Customers can log in create new issues and add details, notes, files and screenshots in a single area empowering them to provide comprehensive information to help resolve any issue.

Customer 365 review old cases Sage CRM

Allow customers to review old cases

Customers can log in and review old cases and their solutions freeing up resources from answering emails with the same questions.

Customer information

Customers can see information that you have on them in the Sage CRM system and request changes. You can even expose some fields to allow them change the data themselves.
A single user can also manage several companies using the one logon.
Menus can also be shown or hidden depending customer data.

Track Software and Document Downloads

When you provide software and documents from your Customer365 portal you can see who downloaded what and when with email alerts. This is ideal to track leads and keeps an eye on activity from your customers and partners.

Control Access and Password Recovery

Access is controlled from Sage CRM's self-service admin.
Users can recover their passwords from the system

Customer 365 responsive UI Sage CRM

Responsive UI

Optimized to work on all Desktop/Tablet and smartphone devices.

Customer 365 quotes orders Sage CRM

Sage CRM Orders and Quotes

Getting queries on quotes and orders is tedious and you can provide access to those from the portal empowering your customers and partners.

Customer 365 extend brand Sage CRM

Extend and Brand

The system can be branded with your colors of choice and logo.
As Sage CRM allows you to extend the system and create custom entities so too we can extend Customer 365 to meet your needs. We would be delighted to speak to you about how we can do this. Remember its your business! Your way!

Compare Customer365

Take a look at our Comparison sheet to see how Customer365 compares to the Sage CRM Self-Service solution as provided out of the box.

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