‘Classic’ Microsoft Outlook is supported until 2029 at least…

New Outlook is only in Preview and so technically not supported

In May of last year we published a blog referencing ‘New Outlook’ and the impact it would have on Accelerator.  We had anticipated the move to happen within 12-18 months and so were prepared with support in place for Office 365.

There is a change in the deployment of the software and some feature changes as addressed in our help resources.

We were somewhat surprised when we read this comprehensive article from from Cameron Dwyer (Chief Technology Officer of OnePlace Solutions and Microsoft MVP) highlighting the timeline for ‘New Outlook’ and the fact that it is not supported right now.  You can read his full informative blog here.

In this Microsoft post users have voiced concerns regarding security, differences in the development of web add-ins versus com add-ins, and synchronization issues.

It seems there’s a degree of resistance to change, but as we’re all aware, change is inevitable.

We’re closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to adapt accordingly.

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