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‘New Outlook’ and what it means for Accelerator

Marc Reidy 08/05/2023 3 mins read

Up to date as of May 2023 Microsoft have started making “New Outlook” generally available to try.  While the UI is nothing to complain about,…

Increase Customer Retention with These Simple Sage CRM Tricks

Majella O'Connor 10/11/2022 5 mins read

From our CRM Connect Magazine: Our partner Peter of Azamba kindly shared his advice on powerful Customer Retention Tricks Increase Customer Retention with These Simple Sage…

Accelerator for Sage CRM Latest Release – March 2022

Majella O'Connor 22/03/2022 8 mins read

Welcome to our 2022 release of Accelerator for Sage CRM Available for download from Wednesday, 23rd March 2022 from our portal here Officially this is…

A Successful CRM Implementation in 5 days

Majella O'Connor 23/02/2022 3 mins read

Adapted from The CRM Connect Magazine. Original article by Ralph Garthe – German Distributor for CRM Together Products Everyone needs CRM, Companies, Users, Manufacturers, and…

3rd Party Add On’s for Sage CRM Showcase

Majella O'Connor 21/10/2020 5 mins read

The complete video replay of this presentation is below. At the start of each section is highlighted the time it is covered in the video…

Accelerator/MobileX Release Version (28th Sept 2020)

Marc Reidy 28/09/2020 3 mins read

The latest version of Accelerator has been released Full details in the online help are available here Some extra details on the release notes…

Online Sage CRM Summit July 2020

Majella O'Connor 26/08/2020 1 min read

We were to take part in the North America Virtual Summit last month. The event was put together by a selection of business partners to…

Accelerator Customisation – UPPERCASE Company name

Marc Reidy 01/05/2020 2 mins read

A customer request came in saying that all Company names are stored in uppercase but in Accelerator, we only capitalised the first letter and was…

Outlook Integration Comparison Sheet

Majella O'Connor 10/03/2020 2 mins read

Introducing our product Accelerator For Sage CRM The most powerful outlook integration on the market Office 365 API Feature Accelerator Sage CRM Outlook File Emails…

Accelerator/MobileX Release (Jan 2020)

Marc Reidy 06/01/2020 3 mins read

In this blog post we will highlight some important details on this release. Full Release notes are available in the online help at 1….