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General Archives - CRM Together

Sage CRM Add on Products discussed with DCAA

Majella O'Connor 23/02/2018 3 mins read

A big thank you to Dan Cousins for taking the time to discuss our Sage CRM Add on products.. We invited Dan to join us…

MobileX for Sage CRM and Leads

Marc Reidy 08/02/2018 2 mins read

So we have been asked a lot about putting Leads into MobileX for Sage CRM (our mobile web app for Sage CRM) and we now…

Sage CRM and GDPR – Right to Rectification

Marc Reidy 05/01/2018 2 mins read

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)¬†Compliance As most people are aware the date when GDPR enforcement is almost upon us (May 2018). One of the Articles…

De-duplication in MobileX for Sage CRM

Marc Reidy 23/10/2017 1 min read

Here is a preview of the new due-duplication feature in our Mobile client for Sage CRM (MobileX). The system tries to match on company name…

Duplicate case references in Sage CRM….and something you can do about this

Marc Reidy 12/10/2017 2 mins read

Okay so I just saw a question on the Sage Community forum a question about this “issue”and decided I should publish something we did internally…

Managing Sales Teams with Sage CRM

Marc Reidy 05/10/2017 2 mins read

Managing your sales team(s) has its challenges. You know this and so you brought in Sage CRM to solve the issues. That’s a great start….

Know Your Customer

Marc Reidy 03/10/2017 4 mins read

Note: This blog is inspired by one of the items in our eBook (The Business Predictability Blueprint) Often, sales and marketing contacts end up being…

Office365 Outlook for iPhone,iPad (iOS) and Android integration

Marc Reidy 12/09/2017 2 mins read

Here is a preview with some screen shots of the integration on an iPhone. It also works on the iPad. So with this add-in you…

Accelerator (Outlook integration) & Mobile X for Sage CRM Release Jun 26th 2017

Marc Reidy 31/08/2017 1 min read

We have just released an updated version of Accelerator (Outlook integration) and MobileX for Sage CRM. The big change in both products is the ability…

Client Side Mail Merge for Sage CRM

Marc Reidy 30/08/2017 2 mins read

A few releases back Sage CRM moved its mail merge capabilities to the server-side, this was and is very useful. ¬†With the sun setting on…