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Sage 100 iOS iPhone Mobile Update

Marc Reidy 03/05/2024 1 min read

So we just published the latest updates to the iOS AppStore and these include An improved home screen – making it easier to jump to…

Microsoft Outlook Plans for ‘Classic’ and ‘New’ Outlook

Majella O'Connor 22/03/2024 1 min read

‘Classic’ Microsoft Outlook is supported until 2029 at least… New Outlook is only in Preview and so technically not supported In May of last year…

Sage CRM Link Preview

Marc Reidy 24/02/2024 1 min read

Our powerful Sage CRM Link Preview tool is now available through our open-source channel. This simple tool allows you to effortlessly enhance your Sage CRM…

What CRM Can Do For You

Marc Reidy 10/02/2024 2 mins read

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with CRM Discover the transformative power of CRM and why it’s the key to propelling your business forward!…

Optimizing Data Sharing

Majella O'Connor 22/01/2024 3 mins read

The Power of Unified Data Repositories with “Data Islands” for data sharing . In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, businesses are continually seeking solutions…

Top Sage CRM Resellers

Majella O'Connor 10/01/2024 2 mins read

Your Guide to the Best Sage CRM Resellers Are you tired of searching endlessly for reliable Sage CRM Resellers?  Need someone to guide you through…

EDGE – Leave Site? Message and how to disable it

Marc Reidy 20/06/2023 1 min read

In some versions of Sage CRM you get this annoying “Leave Site” message when you navigate anywhere in the system. The issue is in the…

‘New Outlook’ and what it means for Accelerator

Marc Reidy 08/05/2023 3 mins read

Up to date as of May 2023 Microsoft have started making “New Outlook” generally available to try.  While the UI is nothing to complain about,…

Sage Partner Summit 2023 – Las Vegas

Majella O'Connor 19/04/2023 1 min read

May 22, 2023 — May 24, 2023 – Aria Resort & Casino The Sage Partner Summit is an exclusive event for the Sage Partner community…

90 Minds – Meeting of the Minds 2023

Marc Reidy 22/03/2023 2 mins read

Marc here. I am just back from the beautiful venue location of Newport Beach where the 2023 edition of the 90 Minds conference took place….