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A Guest Blog Post from our German Distributor Timespare

Majella O'Connor 04/09/2018 4 mins read

The Success story of our German Business Partner Amexus Amexus Informationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies in Germany for professional…

Accelerator for Sage CRM goes to 11

Marc Reidy 14/08/2018 2 mins read

Accelerator for Sage CRM just keeps on giving!!! Most other apps only go to 10…but we go to 11 for that little extra push like…

Microsoft Excel Merge for Sage CRM

Marc Reidy 01/08/2018 2 mins read

So new to Accelerator for Sage CRM(Release 24 July 2017) is the ability to use Microsoft Excel files as templates and merge CRM data…

How to Demo MobileX and the Sage CRM Mobile Interfaces

Marc Reidy 28/06/2018 2 mins read

Demonstrating Mobile Interfaces for Sage CRM Recently I was asked about how we demo MobileX for Sage CRM in mobile interfaces and what I will…

10 things you need to know about MobileX for Sage CRM

Marc Reidy 01/06/2018 2 mins read

Designed to deliver on any or all mobile needs. With MobileX for Sage CRM, you can access content from Sage CRM wherever you go. MobileX…

MobileX and Accelerator for Sage CRM Release May 2018

Marc Reidy 17/05/2018 2 mins read

Products Update We have just released an update for Accelerator for Sage CRM (AC) and MobileX for Sage CRM (MX).  As both products belong to…

Our GDPR Journey

Marc Reidy 27/03/2018 4 mins read

How we are doing, and what we are doing on our GDPR journey to compliancy As we all know the date of enforcement of GDPR…

Newsletter subscription

Marc Reidy 13/03/2018 2 mins read

Thank you for taking the time to subscribe with us! By signing up here you confirm that you wish to get on our mailing list(s)….

Accelerator for Sage CRM March 2018 Release

Marc Reidy 12/03/2018 1 min read

We have just released a minor update to Accelerator. All changes are in the Server and Outlook module. The version is The updates are…

Sage CRM Add on Products discussed with DCAA

Majella O'Connor 23/02/2018 3 mins read

A big thank you to Dan Cousins for taking the time to discuss our Sage CRM Add on products.. We invited Dan to join us…

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