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Signature Capture Using MobileX

Majella O'Connor 24/08/2020 3 mins read

You are on-site, you are handling a case logged, things are sorted and all you need is the customer signature and you can get sign…

Sage 100 – Customer 365 Portal Integration

Marc Reidy 05/08/2020 3 mins read

In March 2020 we completed a Customer 365 (Sage CRM Self Service Portal) project with Lehman Wesley & Associates, that allowed the customers own resellers…

Sage CRM Innovation from Germany

Marc Reidy 10/07/2020 3 mins read

The CRM Together team in Germany (and surrounding German speaking regions) and the Sage CRM business partners there are doing some amazing things with Sage…

Sage CRM Online User Conference 2020

Marc Reidy 03/07/2020 1 min read

CRM Together were delighted to take part in the Sage CRM User Conference 2020. This was an online event and admission was FREE. As of…

Online Sage Summit May 2020

Marc Reidy 07/05/2020 1 min read

We were lucky enough to be invited to contribute and present at the Online Sage Summit run by Qmulus Solutions who are a Sage UK…

Accelerator Customisation – UPPERCASE Company name

Marc Reidy 01/05/2020 2 mins read

A customer request came in saying that all Company names are stored in uppercase but in Accelerator, we only capitalised the first letter and was…

Online Sage Summit

Marc Reidy 30/04/2020 1 min read

CRM Together will take part in the virtual Sage CRM summit hosted by UK Partner Qmulus. This is running on Tuesday 5th May 2020 from…

Using ChartJS on Sage CRM Summary Pages

Marc Reidy 23/04/2020 1 min read

We have just released some more open-source code as a demo of how to use the Chart Js library with Sage CRM and even embed…

Accelerator Release

Marc Reidy 03/04/2020 1 min read

The latest release of Accelerator is the second this year and our aim here was to start simplifying the UI for users and make it…

Outlook Integration Comparison Sheet

Majella O'Connor 10/03/2020 2 mins read

Introducing our product Accelerator For Sage CRM The most powerful outlook integration on the market Feature Accelerator Sage CRM Outlook File Emails to CRM Email…

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