MobileX 5.2 resembles the latest release of Accelerator for Sage CRM in terms of the User Interface with all the great features of the previous release including CRM Calendar access, business card scanner and more.

From an onboarding of staff, those familiar with our Outlook Integration tool – Accelerator for Sage CRM will have a very simple training process to complete.

The software is available right now to download from our customer portal.  The MobileX client can be run as a Progressive Web App or a native app available from the iOS and Google play Android stores.


Changes from “Classic” MobileX to be aware of:

  • The new MobileX client has a fresh new look and feel with a completely rewritten software base.
    • The new client should ideally be on SSL.
    • If using the SSL version this means that your CRM URL must be using “https”.
    • Most browsers expect this, as security is a greater concern these days.
    • We would advise all our customers and partners should implement SSL to secure their data in transit.
    • Please review our blog for more information Securing your Sage CRM.
  • Classic MobileX Office 365 integration support is retired. An alternative solution is being explored.
  • Minor server updates will be available to apply via the CRM UI making it easier for changes to be rolled out.
  • Screens and customisations are shared with the Accelerator framework, where traditionally there was a standalone MobileX framework for customisations.
  • CRM Together will continue to support both the new UI and the classic client until the end of April 2023.
  • Multiple potential matches in CRM are now highlighted in Search

MobileX 5.2 New Features added

  • Pipeline View
  • On Screen Entity Summary
  • Enhanced editing abilities
  • Deduplication BI on Company and Person Level
  • Intelligent Search, remembered results
  • Ability to allocate tasks to more than one team member at one time
  • List Filters
  • Theme Options
  • Language Capabilities

Features removed.

  • Outlook 365 integration
  • Pings

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