90 Minds Dan and MarcMarc here. I am just back from the beautiful venue location of Newport Beach where the 2023 edition of the 90 Minds conference took place.

CRM Together and My CRM Manager  shared a stand, we caught up with existing partners and made some new connections. Myself and Dan were shuffleboard kings, partnerships are important but on the night, we were playing to win! 🙂

Sage had a big presence there and showcased various items including the Sage 100 Roadmap.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our latest product – Data Islands, a partner shared with us that they had just done a project costing tens of thousands using .csv, ftp and SQL.  Having seen what Data Islands could do, they could really see the potential value in time saved and automation.

We also did demos of a brand new release Accelerator for Sage 100, it was super to get partner feedback about where the real value could be added around customer pricing so our product road map is pinging with fresh ideas after the show.

All in all, really enjoyed the show, probably not a huge focus on exhibitors but certainly a great opportunity to connect with folks in the industry.

Of course it rained from the Friday. I guess it followed me from Ireland…. sorry about that folks! 🙁

For more information on future events, check out https://motm.90minds.com/

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