Accelerator Pro v’s Lite

Accelerator Pro v's Accelerator Lite 

Feature Accelerator Pro Accelerator Lite
Email Context View from Outlook
File Emails to CRM (including attachments)
Navigate CRM Data from within Outlook
Search CRM Data from within Outlook
Choice of Themes
Choice of Languages
User Settings (font size, dark mode)
Parse Email
Office 365 API Support
Email Templates (with previews)
Convert Emails to CRM Records
Live links to Sage CRM
Tagging for contextual filing beyond email context
CRM Address Book
Attach CRM Documents (Entity Specific)
Custom Entity Support
Unlimited Search Results
Customisation Capabilities
Pipeline Access
Self Service License Needed

Accelerator Lite will only work with Sage CRM 2021 R1 or later as the software is dependent on the Sage CRM Rest API. The Sage Web Services, quick search and dashboard must be fully functioning.


Client side install only required for AC Lite