Lloyd Smith Mindover Software

The Challenge

Customer was using Sage CRM for about 6months but found the process of creating cases and accessing CRM outside of their email labour intensive.  With a staff of 40 personnel they wanted access to their contact database in a common pool, which essentially was their outlook.

The Solution

Accelerator's Outlook integration for Sage CRM allows the user to establish if people exist already in CRM from their email and if not to add their data to CRM from within outlook.  Access is also available to create new cases and opportunities from email.


  • 45 personnel were able to update CRM with their own personal Outlook data as and when appropriate
  • If the person already existed, the email chain was saved automatically or manually as requested
  • Personnel could create new opportunities and cases from email without ever logging into CRM
  • Accelerator screens could be customised to show relevant data so the customer number from ACCPAC (Sage 300) was also displayed in the Accelerator outlook window.
  • Huge time savings on managing and sharing contacts from email in the pool of sales and Account Managers.