The Challenge

The customer has many personnel on the road providing training at retail outlets over a massive geographical area. The focus of each and every visit to a site is primarily training, but also to take inventory and where necessary replenish promotional materials. There were a number of challenges around the process

  1. Recording the visit and outcome was cumbersome on the move whilst fitting in as many visits as possible in a day over a large area.
  2. Staff commitment to fulfilling orders post a visit as a secondary function of the training call out could vary from individual to individual.
  3. No standardization of the procedure to follow.
  4. Monitoring the net results and benefits of the training was difficult without up to date logging of visits.

The Solution

With guidance from DataQuest CRM Together walked through the ideal scenario of what would occur when a trainer visited a site, the interaction that should take place before exiting the location and the necessary follow up to make the visit worthwhile. The following requirements were established

  1. A customized mobile solution (MobileX) for easy data entry on the move and a step by step program of tasks to complete for each site visit.
  2. A new Sage CRM custom entity required to handle visits as a trainer
  3. A hierarchical ordering system implemented within Sage CRM for easy replenishing of promotional stock that would be not only retail outlet specific but also tailored to the user function.
  4. Integration with sage 300 for order processing
  5. Reporting made possible with entity specific logging i.e. visits & ordering


  • Data gathered is richer with custom entities for visits and ordering, allowing the company to aggregate benefits of visits and draw conclusions of customer reactions.
  • When the trainer does a stock take they can re-order new stock and when they submit (close) a visit the order is processed into sage 300
  • Processing of data is streamlined leaving nothing to be missed from a visit.
  • Staff loving the iphone interface allowing them to process their visit, ordering and any follow up quickly and effectively before leaving a site.
  • Standard procedure imposed to ensure each and every visit follows the same purpose.
  • Ordering is integrated seamlessly into the visit log and eliminates human error with the hierarchy imposed by the site and user.
  • Closure on a visit in real time as opposed to paperwork at the end of the day over several calls eliminating the risk of forgetting something or incorrectly inputting data.