Laura Kasman KasTech Consulting

The Challenge

Ease of reporting was required with little user input for standard reporting, analysis and action.

The Company in question handled Home Health Care Services using HRMS for Sage CRM and needed something more than HRMS standard statistical reports based upon specific employees such as forms or letters that could be saved and recorded as issued.

The Solution

Crystal Manager allowed pre-set queries to be written with agreed parameters giving the end user a single click report that not only delivered data on custom entities and fields but also provided a log of activity against an employee.

Reports delivered are

  • Employee Seniority Report - How long an employee has been with the company
  • Monthly Birthday List - Employees with birthday in current month
  • Expiration of licenses can be printed directly from the Employee summary screen as details on 6-7k employees change a great deal
  • Huge time saver for the client


  • User has access to a multitude of functions at one click on the employee summary screen to print out employee notifications or certificates
  • Document is entity specific, can be converted to pdf, has linked tracking code and avoids human error
  • Introduced new Certificate that can be issued in CRM at one click and there is a recording on the Employee entity that the certificate has been printed
  • Reports take parameter values from the Entity when possible instead of the User so reports are simplified and calculations are clean and standard