Mark Binkley Dataquest

The Challenge

Data related to contract agreements was being duplicated across Sage CRM, Sage AccPac ERP, and personal employee files.

Duplicate information included contract expiration dates, services and products against each contract, and billing information.

PortionPac needed a customized solution for tracking agreements, drafting new ones, and linking billing data in a live environment between Sage CRM and Sage AccPac ERP.

The Solution

With guidance from DataQuest, PortionPac implementers created a custom Sage CRM entity with a custom "Agreement Tracking" workflow. Within the custom entity, CRM Together filled in all the blanks and delivered a sophisticated tool- before deadline.

CRM Together built several custom features within the workflow, including:  auto-assigning each new agreement a unique Reference ID visible in Sage CRM and Sage AccPac ERP; giving users the ability to create a one-click Crystal Report within workflow that automatically created one of 12 agreement templates; building a cloning function for agreements that have year-to-year similarity; and building a screen within workflow that allows users to assign individual products from an AccPac price list to the agreement being created in Sage CRM.


  • The customization all has a seamless look and feel with the built-in Sage CRM product, and will save users hours per month by consolidating agreement data into one graceful entity.
  • The agreement created in Sage CRM now links with AccPac’s standing orders, linking each order to the associated contract with the Reference ID.
  • The one-click Crystal Report that auto-generates the contract document was helpfully built to be conditionally visible based on the workflow stage.
  • Field staff can easily view products and services related to each contract by viewing the "products" page in the new entity, instead of downloading a signed RFP.