Bill Parkinson Iciniti Corporation

The Challenge

Our company is email centric, the saving of emails was laborious and time consuming.  Could not save an email in one simple step, but required copying, pasting and lots of clicking. Tended to build up emails that needed to be filed and so my inbox never seemed to actually reduce. Regarding Word integration, we were not acutely aware we had a challenge in administering files till we discovered the power of Accelerator for Sage CRM.  It has made our handling of documents much more efficient in relation to updating CRM and filing.

The Solution

Accelerator for Sage CRM is cleansing my inbox in record time and speeding up the management of documents in Word.


  • Now a single click saves an email
  • Can create a new entity in the Sage CRM database based upon an email received
  • 8000 emails potentially to be filed to CRM, managed to sort 2000 in 2 days using Accelerator.
  • Huge time saving in administering emails and recording communications
  • Can add a new company to Sage CRM in a couple of seconds
  • Created a document and saved it from Accelerator straight into Sage CRM without leaving Word
  • If an email address is needed of a colleague or customer in Word, can be accessed there and then using Accelerator for Sage CRM.
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