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With the rise of “apps“, users have daily experience downloading and using mobile phone styled interfaces to access games, dating sites, banking iPhone 5: Angledinformation or online shopping.

Apps can really contribute to building loyalty to a brand as long as the app delivers the real time relevant information to the user quickly and efficiently

We have completed extensive development with our Sage CRM Mobile Client for a variety of customers, always to streamline existing processes.

Case in point the distribution industry?   Right now clients might email, fax, post or phone in an order.  To process that order involves manpower to verify, fulfill and take payment.   The customer must wait until all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed before they can call themselves a satisfied customer.  Does your customer really have to wait for confirmation of their order? Could your staff time be better spent on something else such as proactive sales?

Even if your clients can order online via a portal they might not always have access to a PC or laptop, they might get waylaid and never get around to placing that order!

A solution to this is a customer application that runs on a mobile smartphone handset. Customers are in a storefront/warehouse, they can pull out their mobile phone, order there with immediate confirmation and indication of fulfilment time of their order.

Another example of web apps at work is where a company wanted in the moment registration of visits to companies by technicians. The technician arrives at a premises, reviews the notes on the company, checks in via iPad and begins logging in real time work done and even if new supplies are required.

A customer we have live does just that, the technician visits the site, checks all of the following data pertaining to the site

  • Compliance data
  • Training details
  • Employee data
  • Inventory counts
  • Visit notes

Finally they review a summary of their visit before signing out of the company.  They can even create new contracts or order and get signatures on premise as the image to the right shows.

This straight forward web application allows users to focus on their job and simultaneously up their CRM system.

Right now internally we provide a customer self-service portal (based on the Sage CRM platform) called Customer 365. This works great and provides customers with the ability to create and track cases and more (we have completed a lot of customization’s on this product such as allowing access to ERP data/invoices and the ability to create and sign contracts).

With the evolution of smart phones, tablets etc though customers are now looking and getting used to more complex applications/interfaces and expecting apps from their providers.  We can provide apps no our Sage CRM Mobile Client that allow customers and service personnel focus on their specific functions within an organization.

Scenarios that this could work in are specific field service functions where perhaps contractors are used or where you don’t want to be providing and have to administer full CRM to restrict data access.

There are a lot of references in this blog to our MobileX Sage CRM Mobile Client, our self service portal Customer 365 and custom development work.  Each project we undertake is unique in their requirements.  We have the experience both in technology and project management to peel back the layers and expose the heart of the process, we will then ply our skills to develop the web app that will conduct your business to the benefit of you and your customer

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