PWA (Progressive Web App) v’s Native Apps

Initially, we worked with the PWA because it allowed us to provide a platform for development and customisation of a Mobile Service for Sage CRM and we could be device agnostic.  One of the shortcomings of the PWA however is the inability to have push notifications.

Earlier this month Sage CRM announced that they are retiring their native apps as per their press release here.

The Great News is that from mid-2021 CRM Together’s MobileX for Sage CRM is being readied to be available on the iOS and Android app stores as a native app!

Existing MobileX users will be entitled to download the new version as part of their current subscription OR existing maintenance plan.

We plan to offer the same great service but we are committed to working with the 2 app stores, our release date will be dependent upon the sign off of both Apple and Android.

Positive Customer Impact of our current Mobile Technology

Many customers have already benefited from deploying MobileX.

Brandt, a company offering trusted advice, innovative solutions and unparalleled service for growers, producers and farmers around the world, is currently deploying both Accelerator and MobileX to their sales team across a global operation.

I’ve been using MobileX and it’s even better than I originally perceived,” said Jared Grigg, Information & Communication Manager, BRANDT, Inc.

MobileX Availability

MobileX is available today as a progressive web app for purchase via your Sage Business Partner or directly by contacting us here...

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