Designed to deliver on any or all mobile needs.

With MobileX for Sage CRM, you can access content from Sage CRM wherever you go.

MobileX for Sage CRM is the PWA (Progressive Web App)

10 things you must know about MobileX for Sage CRMMobileX for Sage CRM

  1. Pipeline. – You can view your Sales and cases pipeline and other users too.
  2. Log Phone calls  – On your phone you can dictate the notes.
  3. Compose and save emails to Sage CRM – Compose your emails in MobileX and save into CRM before sending via your email client
  4. Create new records. – Create Companies, people, leads, opportunities and cases in seconds
  5. Quick Navigation – Get to the data you need quickly using the quick search, Bookmarks and History
  6. Pings – You can send contextual notes within the app to Sage CRM and to specific colleagues
  7. Customize – The screens and lists can be customized from Sage CRM
  8. Extend – The plugin framework allows you to deliver on any Mobile requirement
  9. Office 365 Integration – With an Office 365 account you can see MobileX in your Outlook desktop client and OWA (Outlook Web Access)
  10. Office 365 Integration again – Using Outlook on Android or iOS(iPhone, iPad)? Well you can create entities from emails and file emails here too.

Need anymore info or a demo, contact us at and we will be happy to run through the software with you, or visit our vimeo channel for prerecorded snippets here

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