Demonstrating Mobile Interfaces for Sage CRM

Recently I was asked about how we demo MobileX for Sage CRM in mobile interfaces and what I will do here is outline a few methods we use that might be useful to you.

We will start with the easiest option

Google Chrome

This option is great for showing any web client used with Sage CRM.

Chrome provides some great development tools and within this is the option to select a device view.

To do this open chrome and click the 3 vertical dots (top RHS of screen) and select “More tools” – > “Developer tools”

Opening Chrome Dev tools to demo Sage CRM

This will open a window. Dock this to the RHS if not there already.

Dock Chrome Dev tools to demo Sage CRM

Click on the “Toggle device toolbar” option

Toggle device to demo Sage CRM

This then allows you to select the Mobile Interfaces you want to emulate

Select Mobile Interfaces to demo Sage CRM

Navigate then to the url away you go.


iPhone/iPad and Android devices

There is nothing like seeing an app on the actual device that a client will use and to do this over a web demo (using gotomeeting or teamviewer for example) is possible and for a very reasonable price using software like Air Server.

This software turns your PC into a tool that can mirror your smartphone.

Once you have airserver running on your PC swipe up your phone (on iphone/ipad) and select “Screen Mirroring)

Mirror iphone sage crm

and then you should see your PC in the list and you select that to see the phone displayed on screen

Mirror iphone sage crmAnd you should see your phone

sage crm iphone display

Here is a screen shot of MobileX for Sage CRM running on Outlook on an iPhone.

MobileX for Sage CRM Office 365 Outlook

See the full recorded MobileX iPhone Outlook Demo here

Thats it. Happy demo’s!


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