So new to Accelerator for Sage CRM(Release 24 July 2017) is the ability to use Microsoft Excel files as templates and merge CRM data to them.

Why do Excel Merge for Sage CRM? Well we had a number of requests for this over the last while and as a function its very useful as Excel is still used extensively by most businesses.

In the past Accelerator for Sage CRM has had client-side mail merge to Microsoft Word. Excel itself doesn’t have a mail merge function but the developer working on this was clever enough to use the #prefix_fieldname# (EG #oppo_description#, #comp_name#) to allow you create Excel files as templates and put these tags in which are then replaced with the actual data.

As with the Word merge you can specify any view in the CRM database to be used with a given template so this makes it really flexible.

I should also mention that with the mail merge app you can see existing documents (maybe previously merged and saved to Sage CRM) and get a copy of those and create a new version. So you don’t have to finish a document in one go and can use CRM to store versions of this document.

Here is a recording of a demo with Excel  and here we have the Word Merge demo (with the same app)



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