Accelerator for Sage CRM just keeps on giving!!!

Most other apps only go to 10…but we go to 11 for that little extra push like this guy!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

11 great features of Accelerator for Sage CRM

  1. Store customer emails.
    Store sent and received email against any entity in Sage CRM.
  2. Store email attachments into CRM directly.
    Store received email attachments against any entity in the Sage CRM library.
  3. View your CRM data in context
    You can avoid duplicates as the system matches email addresses of companies, people and leads.
  4. Create new records from email.
    With the Outlook integration, you can create new companies/people/opportunities/cases and even custom entities directly from an email.
  5. Attach client documents to email.
    You can attach client documents store in Sage CRM to your email right from within Outlook.
  6. Add literature to email.
    You can store PDFs or files in other formats in the Sage CRM Shared documents area and then attach them to your email messages when composing.
  7. Use Email Templates
    From within Outlook you can use the email templates stored in Sage CRM. This provided users with confidence and your customers with a consistent company voice.
  8. Log Phone call notes.
    Getting your phone call notes into Sage CRM has never been easier.
  9. Use CRM as an address book.
    Users can look up any email address in Sage CRM.
  10. Navigate quickly and easily
    With the Bookmarks and History features you can quickly navigate your Sage CRM data
  11. Open full CRM from Outlook
    You can view the full Sage CRM window with one click so CRM just feels like an extention of Outlook

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